Our Spark Team Family!!

Together we must build a circle of success that begins with our employees:

The idea is that if you make a hospitality company the employer of choice, you will have great employees who love their jobs.  If you have great employees who love their jobs, you will have guests who love your restaurants.  If you have guests who love your restaurants, you will have a successful business.  If you have a successful business, you can afford to invest in employee success, and that keeps the circle of success rolling.

Our Core Ideology:

So why Spark Team? It defines the why” we are in business.
People may forget what you said. They may forget what you did. But they will never forget how you made them feel
–Maya Angelou

Staff member serving guests

The WAY we operate

We LOVE. We SERVE. We show people that we CARE.  We ALL have the greatest superpower in the universe, the power to make a difference in the life of another human being.  And all it takes are three simple strategies and the SPARK to do them.  As we live these values, we not only transform ourselves, but each other, our business, our neighbors, and the world! So –

We are a spark team family, with SUPERPOWERS!



Why spark?

Spark: a sense of liveliness and excitement, to set in motion, start, stimulate, stir up.

Our business is unbelievably competitive and just serving great food is not enough. We WIN through our most important asset: YOU!
Our Spark Team Family.

Little Big Burger staff

We are Artisans 

We create works of art with every meal ordered because we care about the quality and consistency of every meal we SERVE.  We put LOVE into the work that we do.  What do we build for a living?  We build PEOPLE. We build each other, our guests, and our communities.


LOVE- The greatest strategy of all

  • Love over Fear. We live each moment, each day to the fullest add by doing everything with love to prevent the all the negative forces from sabotaging us.
  • Love is not a feeling – it is a commitment. Loving each other is not always convenient or comfortable.  Choosing to love each other means we are choosing to make a commitment that we will love regardless of how we feel, and we will put love into action regardless of our circumstances.
  • We love our guests and we choose to invest in our relationships with them. When we love our guests, they will multiply.
  • We are not motivated out of obligation, but we do everything with gratitude and love.
  • We are Optimists. We keep our heads pointed toward true north and we keep our feet moving, because anything is possible when we believe. How we see the world determines how the world sees us.


SERVE- The second greatest strategy of all

  • When we serve others, we fill up their cup with love and ours as well.
  • When we love, we serve, and when we serve, we sacrifice. Service requires we sacrifice.   When we sacrifice for each other, our guests, and our community, we become great in their eyes and they will love us back. They will respect, honor, and trust us.  They will tell others about us. Serving others = success!
  • Who do we serve? We look for ways each day to serve each other as a family, our guests, our neighbors, and our communities.


CARE- The third greatest strategy of all

  • When we care about the work we do and show people we care about them, we stand out in a world where most people do not care. Caring leads to success!
  • We all want to work with people who care. We want to help people who care.  When we care, we attract other people like a magnet.
  • Success means we must show people that we care about the work that we do. If they know we care about our work, it is the best marketing strategy of all.  The world flock to people who care and buy products that are made with care and support businesses that care.
  • When we care, we not only care about the work that we do, but we also show people we care about them. When we care, everyone matters, and everything matters.
  • We care about every detail of our business. We care about every ingredient. We care about our team. We care about each interaction. We care about how each team member feels.  We care about service. We care about how each guest feels. We care about all the little things that leads to big success.
Kitchen staff giving a thumbs up

Our code of conduct is simple:

Be Kind!

We look forward to the opportunity to work with you.  Our continued success in providing the highest quality of food, beverages and service to our guests depends on having quality people like yourself and your fellow spark team. We want you to enjoy your time here and are committed to helping you succeed in your new job.

Join our team!

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